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How to Deal with Pomeranian’s Bad Breath – Causes and Solutions

As incredible as it can be owning a Pomeranian, there is nothing as unpleasant as having a dog with bad breath. Does your Pomeranian’s Bad Breath? Several reasons may cause your dog to have bad breath, as discussed below.

So, why do Pomeranians have bad breath? The primary reason why your Pomeranians may be having bad breath could be as a result of a dental or gum disease. A bacteria that starts in the gum may find its way into the bloodstream and affect your dog’s liver or kidney resulting in bad breath.

There are numerous reasons which may contribute to your Pomeranian having bad breath, and this may sometimes lead to you visiting the vet. This article will cover the major reasons that result in your dog having bad breath.

Causes of Bad Breath in Your Pomeranians

It can be puzzling when you realize your cute little Pomeranian has bad breath, and at times it can worsen, especially after they are outside in the rain. The bad breath may be constant, or it can randomly come and go.

Pomeranians’ bad breath is an indicator of severe health issues that will need to be addressed by your vet. Bad breath results from build up bacteria in your dog’s mouth, lungs, or gums , resulting in an awful smell.

Sometimes this bad breath can persist. It could be that your dog’s kidney, gastrointestinal tract, or liver has issues that may need your vet’s attention. This is not just a painful experience for your dog; it is also an outright deadly disease.

Below are major reasons why your dog has bad breath:

  1. Periodontal disease and oral hygiene
  2. Dietary habits that are unpleasant
  3. Kidney disease
  4. Diabetes
  5. Liver disease
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Building up of tartar and plaque leads to the development of bacteria that result in the bad breath in your Pomeranian. If you do not brush your dog’s teeth regularly or your dog is not a chewer, the most likely reason for your dog’s bad breath is a result of building up of plaque.

There are several bad habits that almost all dogs have and your dog’s habit will directly translate into bad breath. If your Pom has access to the remains of decomposing animals, unsupervised snacking could be the result of the bad breath.

Some dogs eat their poop or the poop of other dogs. At times they cannot resist the temptation of eating cat’s poop. And this results in them having a bad breath that smells like poop. But if your dog’s smell is that of urine, this is an indicator of kidney disease and you ought to visit your veterinarian.

Does your Pomeranian lousy breath have a fruity or sweet smell to it? Having bad breath with a fruity or sweet scent is a sign of diabetes. Although this is a severe condition, it is treatable, and you have to look for other symptoms such as frequent urination and drinking to a certain if it is diabetes.

Sometimes your dog may be having foul breath and she could also be vomiting and showing lack of appetite; this could be a result of liver disease. Liver disease in your dog is an indicator of a more serious health issue that will need your vet’s attention.

How to Treat Pomeranians Bad Breath

As essential as having a clear understanding of why Pomeranians have bad breath, it is very crucial that you find ways of getting rid of it. Treating your dog’s bad breath will depend on the cause.

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If the reason behind your dog’s bad breath is periodontal disease, tartar or plaque, making an appointment with your vet is the best option in determining whether your Pomeranians needs a dental cleaning. Depending on how severe periodontal disease is, some of the damaged or loose teeth will have to be removed.

When it comes to unpleasant dietary habits, you will have to limit your Pomeranian’s access to outdoor findings that may be unpleasant, such as road kill. It is also very crucial that you clean up after your dog is the best solution to preventing coprophagia.

For conditions such as liver, diabetes, and kidney diseases, your dog will need treatment from your vet where the specifics will be discussed. After the underlying cause has been solved, your dog’s breath will be back to normal.

How to Prevent Your Pomeranians from Having a Bad Breath

The best way of preventing Pomeranians from having bad breath is by brushing their teeth regularly. By brushing your dog’s teeth, you will be promoting better oral hygiene in your dog and reducing plaque building up. This will need you to train your dog, and after some time, this will be a process that your Pomeranian will be enjoying.

When it comes to providing a natural way to prevent bad breath ion your dog, you only need to give your dog plenty of chew toys to aid in taking care of their teeth. Chewing prevents tartar and plaque build up, and it is an excellent way of relieving boredom in your dog. When choosing chew toys, make sure you consider the age and size of your dog.

Making a regular visit to your vet for your Pomeranian clinic checkups and giving your dog a balanced diet aids in preventing systemic diseases such as diabetes. By getting your dog regular checkups, you will be ensuring that any problem that may develop will be taken care of before they become serious.

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Feeding your Pom with home-cooked food such as meat from your butcher and premium dog food in little amounts is recommended. Some treats which are prepared commercially and canned food can cause tooth decay to your dog.

Apart from canine toothpaste, there are several other health products such as water additives, dental chews, and oral health diet that you will need to give your dog, and this can be discussed with your vet to ensure you select the right product for your dog.

Tips to keeping your Pomeranian breath smelling nice:

  • Regular brushing of your Pom’s teeth.
  • Visit your vet for regular checkups and ask your vet to check your dog’s gums and teeth for easy monitoring of building up of a plaque or tartar.
  • Feed your dog with a quality, balanced diet that is easy to digest.
  • Give your Pom a dental chew daily.
  • If your Pom is prone to the development of bad breath easily, use water supplements.
  • Encourage your dog to drink more water to wash down food leftovers.

It is very heartbreaking that your Pomeranian could be suffering silently from a disease that could be prevented easily. Bad breath in your dog is more than a cosmetic issue, and it may result in pain and inflammation in your dog.

Closing Thoughts

Pomeranians are special dog breed. They’re a source of unconditional love, a companion, and a friend. Generally, Pomeranians are a healthy breed but since they are small, they are prone to plaque and tartar. There are several reasons why your Pomeranians could be having bad breath and to resolve this, an annual complete vet exam should be conducted and regular teeth brushing will ensure that your dog has healthy teeth and fresh breath.

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